Record in a jukebox

The Rise of the Digital Jukebox

In 1877 Thomas Edison invented the phonograph (also later known as a gramophone or record player), a device that was to be used for the mechanical recording and reproduction of sound. Originally Edison intended to use his new creation as an “office dictation” device, however it quickly became obvious that …

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Life is Tweet for V-Hub Customers

Many proactive pubs, bars and social clubs are using social media as another way in which to communicate with their customers and promote special offers and forthcoming events.
As many people now use their smartphones and tablets to keep in touch via Facebook and Twitter, they are an ideal medium …

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Getting the Most Value from Your Jukebox

Just having a jukebox can benefit your venue, by keeping your customers happy and at the bar for longer. It has been proven that drinkers will stay longer in pubs with jukeboxes, resulting in increased wet sales.
However, many landlords are now discovering that jukeboxes can generate a significant amount …

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