The TouchTunes App

Introducing the TouchTunes App Music At The Touch of a Finger

The TouchTunes App is the perfect companion to your TouchTunes jukebox, providing quick and efficient access to music right from your mobile. Gone are the days of digging around for change - your customers can purchase credits with the tap of a button, pick their favourite music and keep the night going right from their mobile phone.

Easy Access To Top Hits

Easy Access To Top Hits

Embrace a modern jukebox experience with the TouchTunes App for our TouchTunes jukeboxes. Designed to offer seamless access to music, this app takes away the stress of fumbling for change or queueing up at a machine - your customers can just download the app, purchase some credits digitally and get started with choosing their favourite tunes.

The TouchTunes digital jukebox app syncs perfectly with your pub jukebox to provide a stress-free music experience right from your customer's tables. All they have to do is download, check-in and start queueing up their favourites!

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How The TouchTunes App Works

Want to know you and your customers can use the app? Check out our step by step guide!

Step 1 - Download The App

The TouchTunes app is the centre of all your mobile Jukebox needs. It's the centre for finding, choosing and queueing up music and isn't just easy to use - it's easy to download, too.

The app is available from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store and is completely free! Punters simply need to install the app, get their account set up or log in if they already have one and they're ready to move onto step 2.

The TouchTunes App is available for both iOS and Android devices via your phone's app store. Get in touch if you need help finding and downloading the app.


Step 2 - Check In To Your Venue

In order to hook up to a pub's jukebox system, you'll need to check-in. Enable your location on the app and you'll be able to see every venue in your area with a TouchTunes jukebox ready and raring to go. It'll even show you which pubs aren't using theirs right now.

If you're already at the pub, all you have to do is find the venue in the list (it'll usually be at the top as the closest!) and tap on it to check-in. Any pubs that you check into will be added to the ‘My Locations’ tab for future visits.


Step 3 - Get Some Credits

Next up, you'll need to purchase some credits! Credits are our digital alternative to coins, giving you the opportunity to purchase them right from your phone and pick out songs without having to dig around in the bottom of your bag or pockets.

We've set up different bundles for those on different budgets, who might just be popping in for a drink, or even those who are regular punters and want to buy in bulk. Find the right bundle for you, purchase your credits and you'll be ready to pick our your favourite tunes.


Step 4 - Find Your Favourite Songs!

Now the fun really starts!

It's time to get started with picking our your favourite songs from either the full library, or from set playlists and genres that the owner can set. You can search through popular music and relevant genres, or use the search bar to find specific favourites. 

You can even 'like' songs that you come across for quick access in the future to make the music-choosing process even easier! Just hit the heart and it'll be added to your 'My Favourites' playlist.

Step 5 - Queue Up or Skip the Line

Found a song? Now it's time to get it queued up to play. You have two options when it comes to getting your song on the speakers - standard 'Play' and our fast track service, Fast Pass. With a standard Play, you can queue your song up and it'll be played once the songs ahead in the queue have been played. 

If you're eager to hear your favourites sooner, our Fast Pass option lets you do just that. For an extra credit, you can skip the line and have your choice played next - perfect for those wanting to experience the thrill of jumping the queue!



Step 6 - Earn Rewards

With the TouchTunes app, there's more to music than just listening - you can earn rewards, too. You can earn bonus credits every month, and improve your 'Status' as you go. Journey from Debut Artist through to Indie Icon, Emerging Artist and beyond.

Pub and venue owners can also add exclusive offers to the app for the bar itself, so you never know what you could come across. Discounts, announcements, loyalty rewards - the possibilities are endless. Why not give it a try and see what rewards you can collect?

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The jukebox has complimented our venue. Touchtunes is user-friendly and suits our needs perfectly.

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Mullan's Bar, Cookstown

We have a large age range so need music to suit all. This jukebox fits the bill.

Martin Coyle

Donegal, Ireland