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3 Reasons Why Music is Essential for Increasing Your Pub Profits

Research published by Music Works For You has shown that businesses providing music will increase customer footfall and dwell time as well as enticing those customers to spend more money, which is valuable knowledge for pubs in a time during which consumers are spending less “drinking out”.

This research provides us with tangible numbers that help to put the importance of playing suitable music for your customers into perspective. Leading us to conclude that are several reasons why music is important for increasing your pub profits.

#1 Customers expect music to be played in a pub or bar that they are drinking in

91% of those surveyed prefer a bar that plays music with two-thirds saying that they would not return to their favourite pub or bar if the music was turned off. 80% of pubs and bars believe their customers would complain if the music was switched off.

Pubs that play music see significantly increased sales when compared to pubs that do not play music, research commissioned by PRS for Music has found. On average music venues take £306 more per day on drink sales (at weekends this can rise to £667 per venue per day) than non-music venues.

56% of bars/pubs and clubs said they would rather lose a day’s trade than permanently stop playing music for customers, with 71% of pubs and bars agreeing that music plays an important part towards company branding.

#2 Customers will drink more in pubs that play loud music

It is an industry belief that changing things like lighting and sound creates a better atmosphere for drinking. However, evidence from further research studies has indicated that louder music volumes directly results in customers drinking more.

Professor Nicolas Gueguen observed customers’ drinking habits in two bars across three Saturday nights in 2008. During the study, the music volume was changed between 72dB and a louder 88dB. When background music for pubs was played at 88dB customers took an average of 11.5 minutes to finish a 250ml glass of beer compared to 14.5 minutes when music was played at 72dB. Calculated against the duration of stay for all participating customers it was found that each customer ordered on average one more drink when the louder background music was played. Whilst there is something to be said about the effects of loud music on pub profits, its important to remember that prolonged exposure to any noise above 90 dB can cause gradual hearing loss.

According to further studies conducted by psychologist Dr Lorenzo Stafford, loud music is also responsible for making alcohol taste sweeter. And because humans have a taste for sweet things, people will consume more alcohol in noisy environments.

#3 Staff productivity increases at pubs that play music

Pubs that are looking to create a more positive environment in their workplace might want to make use of some appropriate music. Music isn’t just for your customers, it may have quite a large role to play when it comes to things like staff motivation. 74% of employees enjoy going to work more when music is being played, and a third are less likely to take time off sick. Music is a key element in creating the right atmosphere and enhancing the mood for both staff and customers, meaning pubs that choose to play music could see their profits increase.

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