Promote Your Jukebox and Increase Your Profits

Positioning and promoting the jukebox can make an incredible difference to how well it will work within your pub, bar or social club.

The jukebox needs to be somewhere where it can be easily seen from the bar or when customers walk into the pub. Obviously your customers will soon work out the position of the jukebox, even if you put it somewhere less prominent, but think about new customers specifically looking for a pub with a jukebox.

It is also important to consider accessibility – so don’t position the jukebox behind a table or seating area. Customers need to be able to walk up and stand in front of the machine easily. Though the jukebox needs to be where the regulars like to congregate, it’s no good if they are going to be blocking access in busy periods.

Think about which room to place the jukebox, it would ideally be your busiest room, although if your pub is divided by a bar and eating area we would recommend the bar area every time. When it comes to the exact positioning of the jukebox then placing it near to other gaming machines usually works well. Jukeboxes also work really well next to pool tables.

Once the jukebox is in position, it is important to promote it. Use table cards, posters or even just a chalk board – anything you can use to let customers know that you’ve got a jukebox. The same applies if you use Twitter of Facebook, this is an ideal way to let your customers know you have a jukebox installed.

Ideally, you should make the jukebox a focal point in your venue. After all, they look great and you can use the touchscreen display on the jukebox to advertise drinks promotions and forthcoming events.

Case study

The jukebox at The Boot Inn, in Tamworth is definitely the focal point of the pub. As it is a large venue, the positioning of the jukebox was essential and we cannot praise the management at The Boot enough on how they worked with us to achieve this.

They explained that the customers that are most likely to use the jukebox are the regulars that like to drink in an area that has been specifically set up as a games area with a pool table, boxing machine, football table and fruit machines.

The wall supporting the jukebox can be seen from anywhere in the pub. Another positive aspect of the position is the fact that the customers have to walk past the jukebox when visiting the toilets.

The Boot has further highlighted the position of the jukebox by decorating the wall around it with vinyl lettering. The graphics feature the names of the customers’ favourite bands and artists, which are all of course available to play on the jukebox.


The VenueHub jukebox is something of focal point itself of course. It is beautiful in design, outstanding in function, and has an impressive 32″ touchscreen display that can be used to display jpeg posters and photos.

The Boot Inn then placed a chalk board outside the pub, which is situated on a busy high street, to let passers by know that a new jukebox had arrived. They followed this up with posts on their Facebook page, which got word out even further about the jukebox. This approach has worked wonders and one customer even commented, “This has got to be the best jukebox ever!”

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