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Ask Marc – Your Jukebox Questions Answered (July 2014)

“I have been asked by the committee to find a new jukebox supplier as our current jukebox is not getting updated. Do you have any internet jukeboxes?”
Ray Pickering, Cross Hills Conservative Club, Keighley, North Yorkshire.

Yes – all of our jukeboxes can be connected to the internet. Having an online jukebox has many benefits. One of the main advantages is that the jukebox will be updated every week with new music including the very latest chart releases. Many faults can also be resolved online keeping downtime to a minimum.

“I’m interested in one of your profit-share touchscreen jukeboxes. What happens if the jukebox doesn’t take enough money?”
Graham Harper, Crown Inn, Birmingham.

Unlike other jukebox companies, we do not ask you to make up the difference if there is a shortfall. We install the digital jukebox for an agreed trial period and if it doesn’t work out then you’ve lost nothing. Installation is free and there is no binding contract. It’s a win, win situation for the landlord.

“I was looking at your website and noticed you have a jukebox that can have music downloaded. Our router is upstairs. Is this a problem?”
Justin Bartlett, Westgate Ward Social Club, Ipswich.

As long as a Wi-Fi signal can be picked up downstairs then I don’t see this as a problem. For obvious reasons, a stronger signal is going to improve the download time. In the past, if we have had any issues, we have used a Wi-Fi booster or ethernet cable to get a suitable connection.

“I notice on your website the installation is free. Does this include all the speakers and wiring etc?”
David Awcock, Blyth Rugby Club, Northumberland.

It certainly does David. Our installation team will install the jukebox and supply the speakers at no cost.

“Can we get the jukebox to play music when no one is using it?”
Craig Barclay, Common Road Social Club, Pontefract, West Yorkshire.

Absolutely! We advise our customers on background music settings when we install. The jukebox can be set to play music from any genre of your choice. Perfect for creating the right atmosphere for your venue.

“Is it possible to have the jukebox playing music in two separate areas of the pub?”
Anna Osiris, The Napoleon Inn, Boston, Lincolnshire.

Yes, you can actually have up to four separate zones. For example, you may want to be able to control the music level differently by the pool table to what you play in the eating area. On installation, we discuss your requirements and wire accordingly.

“What is the cost to hire a jukebox for a pub?”
Helen Prince, The Grapes, Widnes, Cheshire.

There are many different levels of jukeboxes and various pub jukebox rental options. Our profit-share deals allow you to have the very best jukebox at no cost to yourself at any time. Please feel free to call me at anytime on 024 7645 5879 to discuss further or simply fill in the online enquiry form. here:

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