#WeAreCarters: VenueHub and Twitter is the perfect match for Coventry Sports Bar

Carters Sports and Grill Bar, in Coventry is a massive city centre bar, in the popular SkyDome Arena, which also includes a JD Wetherspoons, Harvester restaurant, Odeon Cinema, ice rink and and gym.

Formerly, the Orange Tree, Carters Sports and Grill has recently undergone a quarter of a million pound refurbishment to include more than 30 screens to show major sporting events around the world. The owner, Kevin McCloskey has created a massive buzz around the new-look venue, which has also created 30 new jobs. He has carried out a huge marketing campaign, making very effective use of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter (where they already have over 4,500 followers). The opening of Carters was cleverly timed to make the best of the World Cup and the increased footfall and longer opening hours.

Kevin got in touch because he wanted a jukebox for the site that would be able to offer a playlist that would differ from day to night. This would allow them to have a more laid back vibe during the day with more modern, upbeat music playing in the evenings. They also wanted a jukebox that would fit in with the contemporary style of the bar.

As soon as we walked into the venue we knew only one jukebox would really work for this bar – The VenueHub.


The VenueHub jukebox allows you to either create your own playlist or play randomly from a wide range of genres including Pop, Dance, Indie, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s etc. The online VenueHub also allows the customer access to over 5 million tracks available to download on demand. Users are able to navigate their way through the tracks and functions by using the familiar swipe and scroll functions that they are used to from their smart phones and tablets.

Built in a sleek, stylish wall mounted cabinet the VenueHub has an impressive 32″ touchscreen display. For proactive venue owners such as Carters’ Kevin McCloskey this is the perfect digital advertising platform; as the VenueHub allows you to advertise sporting events and upload promotional material onto the touchscreen display.


Photographs can easily be uploaded in manager’s menu using the USB port at the side of the machine and can be easily accessed and browsed by the customers. As the venue is already big on social media, they loved the fact they could have a live timeline of their Twitter account shown on the screen. Not only would it display the venue’s tweets but also any other tweets with the #wearecarters hashtag. This means that the customers can be part of the venue’s Twitter feed too.


We connected the jukebox into the venues existing sound system and it sounded amazing.

With Carters being such a large, busy, city centre venue we also knew this would be the perfect venue to trial soundjack – a new app that allows you to play the jukebox without leaving your seat, by using your smartphone.


Working together with the venue we promoted soundjack by providing staff with soundjack T shirts, beer mats, posters and table top stands. The venue used their own Twitter and Facebook accounts to get the message out to thousands of their growing customer base.

Cashbox levels have been outstanding and the soundjack app has been heavily used. Once again this goes to prove the importance of finding the right jukebox to suit every venue.

If you would like to know how a jukebox could benefit your site, please contact us today on 02476 455879 or simply fill in the online form here.

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