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4 Benefits Of Having A Digital Jukebox

At HireJukebox, we truly believe that having a jukebox is one of the best things you could have within your venue. We also believe that digital jukeboxes are currently at the top of their game, providing the user with an enjoyable and impressive piece of kit that is certain to impress all your friends!

Widest Variety Of Songs Available

Unlike a regular jukebox, CD player or another form of music technology that has passed us on by, a digital jukebox does not constrain you to the songs on a disc or upon a record, but rather enables the user to be able to listen to anything from hundreds, thousands if not millions of available songs simply by searching by name on the device.

Online Updates

As a digital jukebox is able to connect to the internet, one of the great advantages of this is that any errors that are encountered can be easily fixed without not necessarily having to take apart the hardware. Online updates also offer the advantage of being able to regularly offer up the latest music releases rather than needing a hard copy to be uploaded onto the system.

More Reliable

Although there is a fear that technology = problems, a digital modern jukebox is much more reliable than an old fashioned jukebox that could easily break. As time continues to move forward, support for more retro jukeboxes become limited and replacing broken parts becomes more of a challenge than a walk in the park. With a digital jukebox, you’re certain to be able to still contact the business that provided you with the jukebox and call out a technician to fix the device.

Exclusive Features

A digital jukebox opens up the possibility of having a device with many features that you may not get in a generic jukebox. This includes the ability to take photos through a photo booth feature on the device, integrated quizzes to play with your friends or a more tailored experience to the premises of which will present more relevant songs, artists and search results.

If you would like to find out more, or are looking to hire a digital jukebox for your venue or home, be sure to contact us by calling on 024 7645 5879 or through submitting a contact enquiry.

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