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Ask Marc – Your Jukebox Questions Answered

We get a lot of enquiries from our website and often the questions are very similar. Here, we have picked out some of the most typical questions that we get asked.

How much does it cost to hire a jukebox for a pub?

Amanda Watkins, Hare and Hounds, Rochdale.

Nothing – we can provide a wide range of digital jukeboxes on a profit share deal. This means there is no jukebox rental cost to you at anytime. Even if the jukebox only took £1, we would not ask you for any money to cover any costs. The jukebox is installed for a trial period. If it works, great. If not, you’ve lost nothing. It’s a no risk, win/win deal!

We’ve got a social club that currently has a CD jukebox. The problem is nobody is playing because it’s never updated. Would you still consider us for a profit share option?

J. Hall, West End Club, Leicester.

Absolutely we would, over the years we have replaced many CD jukeboxes with digital jukeboxes and the results have been amazing. In fact, we see it time and time again, great venues but jukeboxes with poor music content.

Our digital jukeboxes have over 30,000 tracks including every UK Top 40 chart release since 1952. Enter any date and the jukebox will allow you to play any song from the charts of that week. Not all digital jukeboxes are the same so it’s important that the jukebox you choose has good music content and is regularly updated. Don’t forget if there are any albums on your existing CD jukebox that you want on your new digital jukebox, then let us know and we will have them uploaded pre-installation.

We love the idea of having an online digital jukebox but we are still waiting for broadband. Please advise?

Jane Richmond, The Hollybush, Tamworth.

It’s no problem, Jane. For pubs and social clubs that do not have internet access or are waiting to have broadband installed we connect a Mi Fi dongle. It’s works off a 3G sim card, similar to that of a mobile phone, allowing the jukebox to connect to the internet. New music updates are so important. They help maintain customer interest and improve the cash box levels. That’s why we put all our jukeboxes online. Unlike other jukeboxes, our jukeboxes are updated twice a week with new music, including the very latest chart releases and new album titles.

Is there a way we can control the music that plays on the jukebox?

Judi Hayton, Legion Club, Carnforth

It is perfectly possible to control the music on your jukebox and when it can be played at certain times of the day or week. Pre-installation we discuss the background music you would like to be played and the music available to your customers. We can remove any unwanted genres and songs. At the same time, we can add any music you want to the jukebox at no extra cost. This set up is called music profiling and helps create the perfect jukebox to suit your venue. You can then control the settings to ensure that heavy rock is not played during lunch service for example.

How much does it cost for the speakers?

Anna Osiris, The Napoleon Inn, Boston..

It won’t cost you anything for the speakers. We can supply you high quality Wharfdale speakers at no cost. Some venues already have an existing sound system in place. If this is the case, we simply connect the jukebox into your existing system, just as you would connect an iPod for example.

How soon are you able to install a touch screen jukebox in my pub?

Daniel Grace, Black Swan Hotel, Devizes, Wiltshire.

Usually we can have a jukebox installed by our installation team with 7 days. Please call the office on 024 7622 2806 to discuss the jukebox options and available dates.

How much does it cost to have a coin-operated jukebox installed?

Dharmesh Sorathiya, Grand Junction Arms, Southall, Middlesex.

There is no cost to have the jukebox installed. We have our own professional jukebox installation team with years of experience who will be able to offer you good advice on positioning of the jukebox, speakers and sound zones.

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Marc Bird

Jukebox Technician at Hire Jukebox
Hire Jukebox supply digital touchscreen jukeboxes to pubs, clubs and other social venues.

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  1. I am enquiring on behalf of my bowling club and am discussing with the committee on the feasibility of using one of your Juke boxes in St Neots Cambs.
    Thanking you
    Ken Harris.

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