About Us

With over 30 years experience in the gaming, amusement and vending industry, and access to an impressive library of audio and video content, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a wide range of products at competitive prices.

Our Digital Jukeboxes work hard to create the right musical atmosphere to suit your venue, as well as generating significant cash revenue for your business. It takes a realistic approach to affordable and cost effective jukebox solutions to truly make hiring a Digital Jukebox work for you, and you can expect nothing less from us. With our help finding the perfect Digital Jukebox you can offer your customers the best jukebox experience possible, while you enjoy the extra profit!

We’ve talked to you, we’ve listened to you and through hard negotiation with national and local operators, we can provide you with a wide range of high earning, quality jukeboxes on profit share or competitive rental deals.

We live and breathe music, and love bringing the best of it in to your pub through a great range of Digital Jukeboxes.


Recent installs

"The profit share deal means we will never have to pay a penny towards the hire of the jukebox. The touchscreen jukebox is fantastic, everyone in the pub loves it! It looks really good and the sounds i…" Read more

Sara Pearce, Landlady - 14th July 2016

"The new touchscreen digital jukebox works very well in our pub. We can change the type of background music to suit the crowd and the customers can select the music they want to hear as and when the pl…" Read more

Sandy Macintosh, Landlady - 21st June 2016

"The diverse range of music on the jukebox certainly gives our customers what they want." Read more

Maxine Bambrook - 16th June 2016

"The VenueHub jukebox is absolutely awesome. Everyone's been using the soundjack app to play the jukebox from their phone. We love it!" Read more

Tony Spencer, Landlord - 28th June 2015

Sara Pearce, Landlady

Sara Pearce, Landlady14th July 2016

Sandy Macintosh, Landlady

Sandy Macintosh, Landlady21st June 2016

Maxine Bambrook

Maxine Bambrook16th June 2016

Tony Spencer, Landlord

Tony Spencer, Landlord28th June 2015