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Welcome to Hire Jukebox. We have helped hundreds of pubs, bars and clubs across the UK earn more money by installing high earning jukebox systems in their venue. Jukebox hire for bars has never been more affordable with our flexible, no rent, no contract, profit share deals.  
As a customer of Hire Jukebox you can choose from our collection of digital jukeboxes that have been manufactured by Sound Leisure, the market leader in the manufacture of jukeboxes. Our ranges include the popular VenueHub jukebox, Rockbox, and Moments in Music, bringing a new era in digital touchscreen jukeboxes to the forefront of the commercial entertainment world.  
Our jukeboxes are updated twice a week via an online connection so customers can always find the latest chart music, as well as accessing a wide range of older tracks – in fact they can search for any track since the UK Charts began! Jukebox hire for bars has never been so effortless.
Hire Jukebox can supply your bar with the very latest digital jukebox on a rental hire or profit share option. Click here to find out more.

Recent installs

"The diverse range of music on the jukebox certainly gives our customers what they want." Read more

Maxine Bambrook - 16th June 2016

"The VenueHub jukebox is absolutely awesome. Everyone's been using the soundjack app to play the jukebox from their phone. We love it!" Read more

Tony Spencer, Landlord - 28th June 2015

"The customers absolutely love the jukebox. It's simple to use and the choice of music is amazing. We have connected the jukebox to our Twitter account and use the advertising feature to display latest…" Read more

Michael Parry, Bar Manager - 27th January 2015

"We absolutely love our new digital jukebox. The choice of music available is mind blowing. It's also really easy to use and the on-screen advertising and Twitter feed helps keeps our customers updated…" Read more

John Lees - 7th November 2014

Maxine Bambrook

Maxine Bambrook16th June 2016

Tony Spencer, Landlord

Tony Spencer, Landlord28th June 2015

Michael Parry, Bar Manager

Michael Parry, Bar Manager27th January 2015

John Lees

John Lees7th November 2014

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