Club Jukebox Hire

Give your members all the music they need and keep them in your club longer. Entertain your members and attract new customers with a digital jukebox.

A digital jukebox from Hirejuke will include all the music your members need but will NOT include anything you do not want to hear. It will also make your club extra cash. All at no cost for you. Hirejuke installs jukeboxes in clubs for free on a non rental, non contract basis.

Getting the jukebox music right for a club is a difficult job, but Hirejuke has over 7 years experience doing just that. Hirejuke has supplied over 150 clubs in the UK with a digital jukebox. We are the jukebox specialists for clubs in the UK. We are not interested in fruit machines, quiz machines, lottery tab machines or pool tables – we are only interested in providing you with a top of the range digital jukebox.

No strings attached, no commitment, no binding contract. We are also able to give you estimations of income and business references for committee meetings.

If you think your club could benefit from a digital jukebox or maybe you need an upgrade to your current system contact us now – we have special deals and services available for clubs. We can often install our jukeboxes within days - contact us now.


How Club Jukebox Installation Works

Step 1 - Contact Us

It's easy, either call a member of our friendly team on 024 7645 5879 or simply fill in the online enquiry form.

We can discuss your requirements and advise you on choosing the right jukebox for your venue. Club jukebox hire has never been more affordable and with our flexible, no rent, no contract, profit share deals, we can supply you with the very latest club jukebox hire service at no cost to yourself at anytime. There are no binding contracts and installation is free. We don't charge for service and our team of highly qualified engineers are available 365 days of the year. If your happy to proceed, we can arrange a site survey to discuss your club jukebox installation and any additional requirements.


Step 2 - Site Survey

On visiting your club, bar or social club, one our qualified engineers will discuss with you the complete jukebox installation process.

Working together, we will decide on the best positioning of your new club jukebox, any separate music zones required (bar, lounge, games room etc), speaker positioning, volume controls and background music settings. Any further information or advice can be given at this stage. We will then arrange for our installation team to install on a time and date that suits you. We will also provide you with a wide range of promotional material to help increase customer awareness of your new jukebox music system.


Step 3 - Installation

Our jukebox installation team will give you a courtesy call prior to their arrival.

Our free jukebox installation includes high quality wiring and impressive Wharfedale speakers to ensure you with the very best sound quality. Your club jukebox will be registered to your venue, allowing you to receive weekly music updates including the very latest chart releases and new album titles. A demonstration of the jukebox functions and features will be presented to you and your staff and any further questions can be answered. We will provide you with a wide range of promotional material to help increase customer awareness of your new jukebox music system. We will also offer our expert advice on how to make your club jukebox a huge success.


We can discuss your requirements and advise you on choosing the best club jukebox to rent for your venue. Simply contact us now.

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Tony Spencer, Landlord - 28th June 2015

Sara Pearce, Landlady

Sara Pearce, Landlady14th July 2016

Sandy Macintosh, Landlady

Sandy Macintosh, Landlady21st June 2016

Maxine Bambrook

Maxine Bambrook16th June 2016

Tony Spencer, Landlord

Tony Spencer, Landlord28th June 2015