VenueHub (VHub)

A new era in digital jukebox technology - music, videos, games...

Over 7 Million Songs

VenueHub technology includes every track from 1952 to the present Official UK Top 40 Singles Chart, updated weekly.

The VenueHub jukebox is the most advanced jukebox system on the market today, featuring more music and packed with more features than any other jukebox in the world. 

The VenueHub jukebox enables users to discover new ways of performing basic tasks such as moving through pages or selecting tracks. The customer selects tracks using the touch screen interface. For more competent users 'Gesture’ controls, used on many modern phones and tablets, are available to scroll pages with a simple swipe or drag and drop tracks to make selections and perform searches. 

The V-Hub also allows you to create your own dance videos using the pre-installed camera and a series of pre-rendered dance routines. To put it simply; there are more features available than we have space to list. Let us demonstrate the VenueHub jukebox and you'll understand why it is the ultimate jukebox for your venue.

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Venue Hub Jukebox

VenueHub -  The ultimate jukebox for your venue!

  • Tracks are organised into music genres such as Pop, R&B & Jazz.
  • 15 second ‘Audio Preview’ for tracks (excludes online tracks).
  • Intelligent spell check resolves incorrect artist name searches.
  • An RSS feed that churns out live news and sports updates.
  • A HD LCD screen sealed to help protect it from spillages.
  • Advertise your venue's social feeds and hashtags.
  • Soundjack: NEW iPhone app allows users to pick and play music.
  • Programmable advertising for upcoming big sports games.

Recent installs

"The profit share deal means we will never have to pay a penny towards the hire of the jukebox. The touchscreen jukebox is fantastic, everyone in the pub loves it! It looks really good and the sounds i…" Read more

Sara Pearce, Landlady - 14th July 2016

"The new touchscreen digital jukebox works very well in our pub. We can change the type of background music to suit the crowd and the customers can select the music they want to hear as and when the pl…" Read more

Sandy Macintosh, Landlady - 21st June 2016

"The diverse range of music on the jukebox certainly gives our customers what they want." Read more

Maxine Bambrook - 16th June 2016

"The VenueHub jukebox is absolutely awesome. Everyone's been using the soundjack app to play the jukebox from their phone. We love it!" Read more

Tony Spencer, Landlord - 28th June 2015

Sara Pearce, Landlady

Sara Pearce, Landlady14th July 2016

Sandy Macintosh, Landlady

Sandy Macintosh, Landlady21st June 2016

Maxine Bambrook

Maxine Bambrook16th June 2016

Tony Spencer, Landlord

Tony Spencer, Landlord28th June 2015